Daily Deals: ‘Zero Age’ for a Dollar, Huge Bulkypix and Kemco Sales, Cheap iPhone Chargers, & More


Welcome back to “Daily Deals,” a brand new iFanzine feature in which we round up all the best iOS gaming-related offers, deals and discounts from around the interwebs. (This post will be updated throughout the day as and when we spot new deals so be sure to check back regularly! And please feel free to use Twitter or the comments section below to alert us of anything awesome we may have missed.)

Without further ado, here’s today’s list

Zero Age (Was $3.99 » Now $0.99): Majd Akar and Hosni Auji’s atmospheric adventure puzzler Zero Age is currently on sale for a dollar. If you enjoyed Monument Valley (our review), we reckon Zero Age should be right in your wheelhouse. [AppShopper]

Card City Nights (Was $2.99 » Now Free): Day six of Pocket Gamer’s Advent Calender Giveaway sees Ludosity AB’s card-based adventure game Card City Nights go free. [Pocket Gamer]

Brainsquare (Was $4.99 » Now Free): Sompom’s mind-achingly tricky puzzle game Brainsquare is free for 24 hours only thanks to the folks at AppGratis.com. [AppGratis]

Dodo Master (Was $0.99 » Now Free): Semir Saleh has teamed up with ‘App of the Day’ to make his delightful platformer Dodo Master (our review) free for a day. The iPad edition of Dodo Master is also free at the moment. [AppAddict]

Buy One ‘PowerSkin PowerStand’, Get One Free ($39.99, plus free shipping): If there’s one thing mobile gamers always need it’s more battery life. Which is why Powerskin’s great ‘Buy One Get One Free’ 48 hour sale on its popular phone & tablet portable charger, the PowerSkin PowerStand, caught our attention. And hey, this sale means you can keep one for yourself and give one as a gift! [Power-Skin.com]

Bulkypix’s Blowout Xmas Sale Continues: We covered a couple of Bulkypix freebies in yesterday’s Daily Deals roundup, but since then they’ve made a whole bunch more games free. Here’s an updated list:

Penumbear (Was $1.99 » Now Free)

PinWar (Was $1.99 » Now Free)

Ark of Sinners Advance (Was $2.99 » Now Free)

Reiner Knizia’s Razzia – The Mafia Board Game (Was $2.99 » Now Free)

4444 (Was $1.99 » Now Free)

Nimble Squiggles (Was $1.99 » Now Free)

The Bearded Hero (Was $0.99 » Now Free)

I am a brave knight (Was $0.99 » Now Free)

Hyper Trip (Was $1.99 » Now Free)

Pigs Can’t Fly (Was $2.99 » Now Free)

KEMCO Christmas Sale: A pretty huge Kemco sale kicked off today in which 8 RPGs have been priced down to $0.99 (88-90%OFF) for a limited period of time only. The sale will apparently last until Christmas at least. A complete list of discounted games can be found at the following link… [Kemco-Games.com]