Dandara is permanently much cheaper on iOS

Dandara is an outstanding metroidvania by Raw Fury, which offered insane value for money even at its original price of $14.99. But now it’s an absolute steal at just $5.99 – its new permanent price.

You play as the eponymous hero who strives to rescue the world of Salt. As you can expect, you achieve that by exploring this unforgiving world, picking up new abilities along the way.

Dandara is an absolutely excellent metroidvania

Dandara is unique in that you won’t simply run and jump your way through its gorgeous, pixelated world. Instead, you’ll basically sling the eponymous hero around the world using some nifty touch controls.

If touch isn’t your thing though, you can use an MFi controller instead though, which is always a welcome feature. It makes sense though, given that Dandara also released across console and steam.

No matter how you choose to play it though, you’ll have a bunch of fun tackling the unique puzzles, combat situations, and just generally exploring this beautiful world.

So head on over to the App Store right now and grab it at its new permanent low price of $5.99. Can’t say fairer than that!