Dandara Trials of Fear Edition is Currently Half Price

Dandara is one of the most interesting metroidvanias on the App Store. It mixes together action and platforming with some breathtaking fluidity of movement to create something truly special. And right now you can nab it for half price.

Set on a world known as Salt, which is on the edge of catastrophe, it’s up to you, as Dandara to bounce your way around, solve puzzles and get to the bottom of what’s happening.

You can upgrade Dandara, powering up her combat and and survival skills, and you’re going to need it to get to the end of the experience. You can leap off any surface, unhindered by gravity, which makes for a fast but never chaotic feel.

The Trials of Fear edition comes with three new areas to explore, a new boss to take down and a renewed focus on the story of Salt and its inhabitants. There’s a new secret ending thrown in for good measure too.

You can grab all of this goodness right now for the low price of $2.99, down from Dandara Trials of Fear Edition’s usual $5.99. Click here and you can download Dandara Trials of Fear Edition from the App Store right this second.

Dandara has long been a firm favorite around these parts, and for that price we reckon it’s an absolute steal. You’d really be silly not picking it up, honest.