DanganRonpa Writer’s FMV Adventure, Death Come True, Coming to iPhone and iPad This Month

There was a time in the 90s when FMV games were all the rage. After a bit of a lull, they seem to have found a new home on mobile. Take a look at Her Story and its spiritual sequel Telling Lies. Now there’s another one on the way – Death Come True.

This one has some serious pedigree too. It’s been written by Kazutaka Kodaka. If you’re not familiar with that name, he’s the creator of the excellent (and recently re-released on the App Store) DanganRonpa.

Death Come True is set in a strange hotel. You’re playing a serial killer with amnesia who has to figure out how and why they’ve done some horrible things. Luckily, you can leap back in time. Unluckily, you have to die to perform the feat.

The trailer we’ve embedded above will give you some idea of what to expect from the game. It is in Japanese, but it’s still worth a watch to get a feel for the aesthetic of Death Come True.

It certainly looks like an exciting and intriguing adventure. And when it lands on June 25th, Death Come True will be available in a number of different languages, including English. You can get more information about Death Come True by checking out its official website here.

Are you excited about Death Come True? Do you think it’s about time FMV games got some more love? Well let us know in the comments section at the bottom of this paragraph.