DanMachi Half Anniversary

DanMachi Half Anniversary Celebration Kicks Off Today!

The DanMachi Half Anniversary celebrations have kicked off today. They have a lot to offer, from 5-star units and event goodies to celebration packs and special illustrated cards. So, here’s the lowdown for those of you who haven’t checked it out yet!

DanMachi Battle Chronicle Half-Anniversary Celebration

First of all, dive into the Festive Night of Cherry Blossoms event, which will keep going until the early hours of March 13. The event’s bringing some snazzy event-only versions of Bell Cranel and Hitachi Chigusa to the gacha spotlight.

And then, there’s a set of DanMachi Half Anniversary Celebration! Limited Missions on offer. It’s spread across six stages. Finish them all and nab yourself the Bundle of Cheer: Hestia. You can also snag a hefty 3,000 Selas. These missions are also up and running until the night of March 13.

Your first login during DanMachi Half Anniversary lands you 3,000 Selas, a [0.5th Anniversary] Artwork Scene Card Exchange Ticket, and a [0.5th Anniversary] Free Gacha Ticket. Plus, on February 24, you can grab a Guaranteed UR Adventurer Gacha Ticket just for logging in. On that note, take a peek at the trailer below!

Do You Love Art And Illustrations?

For those who love a good piece of artwork, you can snag special Scene Cards illustrated by popular manga artists like Taisei Yamachi, Takashi Yagi, Yu Shiomura and Hinase Momoyama. Pull off specific missions to collect the exchange tickets needed for these artsy cards.

The DanMachi Half Anniversary Celebration brings back the Re-release Gacha with limited-time characters from past events like Tokimeki Orario Summer! and Pumpkin Nightmare. They’re split into three separate volumes, each available at different times from February 20 to March 13.

If you’ve got some cash to splash, don’t skip the Half-Anniversary Celebration Pack, on sale for the duration of the event. And to top it all off, the Daily 10-Draw Free Gacha Giveaway is happening. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab the game from the App Store!

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