The Upcoming ‘Dargon Quest’ Will Lampoon Various RPG Tropes

Last year Square-Enix managed to inadvertently dump an entire bucket of eggs on their face when they released “Dargon Quest” to the App Store, and — before you ask: ‘what’s so special about that?’ — you should carefully reread the name one letter at a time. This then inspired Carey Martell — better known as RPG Fanatic, over on YouTube — to begin wondering what it would be like if there truly was a game named Dargon Quest, and thus he rushed to begin producing the entire affair via RPG Maker. This project has then been further bolstered by the recent debut of RPG Maker VX Ace, which — unlike its predecessors — allows one to export their games even to a variety of mobile platforms.

In Dargon Quest — a game seeking to parody various RPG Tropes — you find yourself in control of Ashe, an utterly silent protagonist seeking to climb Dargon Island’s infamous Tower of Dargons. No one really knows why he’s there — since Ashe doesn’t exactly talk very much — but he does manage to bump into Carlous during his first foray, a self-proclaimed hero whom happens to wield a “Groucho Marx”-faced sword that talks. Naturally — while climbing this perilous Dargon-filled tower — the group furthermore finds themselves caught up within the midst of an ancient world-dominating conspiracy, because they wouldn’t exactly be proper RPG Heroes otherwise.


Taking a page from earlier games — such as Lufia II’s “Ancient Cave” — all experience and levels will be utterly restarted whenever Ashe and crew leave the Dargon Tower, yet they’ll still hold on to all of their mighty gear. In this way it’ll be their aim to find valuable gear before pulling out, such that their next foray will go far more smoothly than their last trip did (all so that they might one day journey straight to the Dargon-filled top). Furthermore — rather than gaining spells and abilities as they level-up — Ashe and Company’s abilities will instead be based upon their currently equipped gear, allowing players to fully customize each character’s specialization however they best see fit.

Carey Martell has already spent much time and effort — as well as his personal money — towards both designing the Tower of Dargons, plus making sure it’s filled entirely with custom enemy artwork. However — during the process of porting Dargon Quest to the new RPG Maker VX Ace — Carey recently realized that more enemy artwork would be required, and that he’d furthermore prefer to also have matching background-scenery. Thus it was that Carey Martell recently approached Kickstarter’s community with a request for $500 in additional artwork development funds, of which — with ten whole days still remaining — has already been secured in full.

Currently, should you now find yourself positively stoked by Carey Martell’s parody-filled vision, you can secure your very own launch day copy — on either the PC, MaC, Android, or even iOS — all for just $10. Meanwhile — for those extra dedicated to the eradication of Dargons everywhere — additional backer rewards include: digital art books, having a NPC Villager named after you, getting helping to design an enemy, and more! Those interested — however — should make sure that they’ve chipped in their donations before November 8th rolls around, for that’s when Carey Martell must bravely venture into that Dargon-filled tower one last time.