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Dark Slayer: Idle RPG Tier List

Are you looking for a Dark Slayer: Idle RPG Tier List? Look no further! Our Dark Slayer: Idle RPG Tier List has ranked the characters in the game so you know who the best and worst characters are! As the game is still new, we may not know all the characters yet, so make sure to regularly check back to see if there has been an update.

Zombies have taken over – and only you have the power to stop it! Switch between swordsmanship, marksmanship, and spellcasting to battle and defeat monsters in epic boss battles. You can also do it in style! With tons of different outfits and accessories, you can save the world looking your absolute best.

For more information on the game, or to download it, you can visit the App Store . We have some other great tier lists you can check out in the mean time, such as our Warcraft Rumble Talent Tier List, Arcado Champs Tier List  and our Midnight Rush!! Tier List.

Dark Slayer: Idle RPG Tier List

Our tier lists are formed from player feedback on the game, our opinions, and a wide variety of other sources to make sure we don’t give a biased list. However, if you disagree that’s okay!


The best of the best! Use these characters as much as you can.

  • Fayar
  • Agnis


These characters are still great – don’t be put off by the fact they aren’t in S-Tier.

  • Minita
  • Runhardt
  • Azure
  • Haskell


If you’re starting out, these characters are great.

  • Anna
  • Roy
  • Skar


Although not the worst, try to go for characters in a higher tier a.s.a.p! These are good if you’re starting out.

  • Benvoilio
  • Kristof


Avoid these as much as possible!

  • Luckily, no one is here yet!

When Do We Update Our Tiers?

We regularly check our tier lists to make sure they are as updated as they can be – especially if the game has had an update. Make sure to check back every so often!