Darkfire Heroes is Rovio’s Fantasy Midcore RPG, Out Now

Darkfire Heroes is a game about meteors crashing into the world and unleashing awful monsters. We’ve all been there, and we know it’s pretty sucky when that happens. Cue some fantasy heroes turning up and whomping them back from whence they came.

This is a midcore, team-based RPG that sees you picking when to unleash your hero’s special moves. There’s actually quite a lot of depth here, and plenty to consider both before you head onto the battlefield and during.

You’ve got spells to throw out as well, which are powered by a mana bar that creeps up as you play. It’s all frantic and fun, and there are a ridiculous number of characters to collect and level-up. Basically, there’s loads to do and it’s loads of fun.

As you’d expect from a Rovio game there’s a superlative level of polish here. The game looks lovely, plays really well and the compulsion loop is tighter than the brim of a too-small hat atop an overly large head.

And you can pick the game up right now from the App Store for free. Click here to download Darkfire Heroes. It’s worth a look, we reckon.