Darkly Beautiful Graphic Adventure Game ‘Dead Synchronicity’ Ventures onto Kickstarter


In the not too distant future a series of natural disasters — triggered by an event known as the “Great Wave” — have knocked out all power sources and forms of communication across the planet, leaving the world controlled by a series of military operated city-states. In the wake of this disaster there exists a pandemic illness that is slowly turning all of humanity into “The Dissolved”, a disease that at first causes delirium and supernatural cognitive abilities before eventually killing the host in a most gruesome manner. It is in this bleak future that one man — known only as Michael — must act quickly if he is to survive and recover his missing memories, or else time itself may soon dissolve as well!

Thus goes the pitch for Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today, a dystopian sci-fi graphic adventure title — from the creative minds over at Fictionrama Studios — that has been described as mixture of Monkey Island meets Mad Max meets 12 Monkeys. The developers have specifically promised that Dead Synchronicity will recapture the open world aspect of the earlier Lucas Arts adventures, rather than being predominantly linear. Furthermore accompanying this game’s darker atmosphere will be an impressionist art style, as well as a moody soundtrack designed — concurrently with the game’s development — by the indie rock band: Kovalski.


In order to realize these ambitious plans, the people over at Fictionrama Studios recently began a Kickstarter seeking to raise a grand total of $45,000 in needed development funds. Even though nearly half of that amount has already been secured, the hour of this project’s deadline — much like Michael’s mission to survive the end of time itself — is rapidly approaching. Therefore, in order to help people everywhere decide if Dead Synchronicity is their ideal dystopian adventure experience, the developers have recently released a completely free PC only demo (but the full release will be on iTunes as well).

For those now eager to delve into Fictionrama’s intriguing and stylish mature-themed science fiction experience, a launch day copy of Dead Synchronicity can currently be secured for just fifteen dollars. Meanwhile, those whom donate extra generously can potentially receive rewards such as: project art books, digital soundtracks, posters of the game’s cover artwork, an appearance within the actual game, statues, and much more! However, people must act quickly or within the next ten days — much like the oncoming doomsday that Michael hopes to prevent — this entire project will potentially dissolve into utter nothingness.