Dead Cells is Half Price to Celebrate the Launch of the Fatal Falls DLC

Awesome hack-and-slash platforming roguelite Dead Cells is currently on sale for half price to celebrate the launch of the Fatal Falls DLC. So you can get a massive chunk of gaming for dirt cheap. How exciting.

The Fatal Falls DLC adds some new mid-game content, offering you alternative routes through new biomes the Fractured Shrines, the Undying Shores and the Mausoleum. There’s a new boss, new enemies and new weapons too.

The DLC is available as an IAP and will set you back $3.99. It’s not the only new addition to the game though. We’ll get to that after we’ve watched the following awesome trailer.

The Custom Mode is now available as a free update as well. It lets you play around with different settings to change how the game plays. The update, which is available to everyone right now, also includes new biomes, weapons and enemies. Sick.

You can click here to pick up Dead Cells from the App Store for its new low price. The sale will only run until September 28th, though, so you’re going to want to act fast.