Dead Cells on Mobile Has Been Delayed Until August 28

Dead Cells is now coming to mobile a little later than planned now, as the estimated release date on the App Store has changed from July 17 to August 28.

We’re not entirely sure what caused the change, but if we had to guess it’s to provide extra time to polish up the experience. We’re not going to complain about that.

Dead Cells is a Souls-Like Platformer

Dead Cells is a souls-like platformer that challenges you to explore a pixelated world.

You’ll also participate in a bunch of bone-crunching combat against a wide variety of enemies, using their deaths to power up your character.

There’s also bosses to defeat, which involves learning their attack patterns and exploiting them until they explode into a shower of upgrade resources.

You can still pre-order Dead Cells on the App Store to grab it as soon as it arrives on iOS, which is now scheduled to be August 28.