Dead Strike Cheat Codes

There’s no denying it, Dead Strike is bloody hard! Sick of being slaughtered by the rampaging undead? Well never fear because these codes’ll help even the score…

How to use cheats:

Activating the cheat once, will toggle it ON.
Activating the cheat again, will toggle it OFF.
Your high scores will not be recorded if any cheat is On. Turn them all Off to get High Scores!

Cheat code effect:
iwhanteverything: All Cheats On! All Cheats On/Off.
iamfast: Now, you run like hell! Run 5x faster.
iamgod: Your are now Untouchable! Enemies canot hit you.
iwhanttokill: One bullet per corpse! Instant-kill.
idontreload: Infinite ammo and no reloads! Infinite ammo and no reloads.
iwhantmoney: You just won the lotto! Get 30000000$.
iwhantweapons: Ready for the next civilian war! Get All weapons.
iwhantitems: Guess you don’t need Eva anymore! Get All items.
iaminvisible: But, i can see you! Invisible mode, no one can see you!

Kudos to da shiz wiz 19 on TouchArcade for these handy cheats!

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