Dedalord’s Upcoming Falling Fred Sequel, Running Fred, Looks Bloody Brilliant!

Dedalord Games’ upcoming addition to the Falling Fred franchise — which, of course, comprises of Falling Fred and its spin-off Falling Fred Z so far — looks set to take this sick ‘n’ twisted series in a totally different and totally awesome new direction.

Eschewing the fun yet rather simplistic arcade-style, highscore-fueled antics of its predecessors, Running Fred is a mightily impressive looking, full-blown 3D platformer! According to the folks at Dedalord, the soon to be released sequel will wow Fred fans with features such as multiple game modes (Adventure, Challenge and Endless Survival), tons of special skills and perks, and the ability to pimp out your character with hilarious special outfits.

It probably goes without saying that players can also expect crazy death-traps and depraved humor aplenty. And gore — buckets and buckets of lovely, gratuitous gore!

Check out the trailer at the bottom of the page for a better look at what we can expect from Running Fred gameplay-wise. Be warned, though: it most certainly ain’t for the faint of heart…

Running Fred is due to arrive on iOS (and a whole bunch of other platforms) on Febuary the 5th, so expect a full iFanzine review in the very near future. While you wait for that, be sure to point your browser towards the game’s newly-launched official site and Facebook fanpage for more info, screenshots, and videos of Running Fred in eye-watering action.