Deemo II Available for Download From the App Store Right Now

Rhythm action sequel Deemo II has just gone live to download on the App Store. So if you like your music games wrapped up in heartfelt stories about the meaning of existence, then holy moly are you ever in luck.

The game is set after the original, and follows a character called Echo who has bloomed – turned into a burst of white flowers after being struck by a mysterious rain – but returned to life. You’ll meet new characters, experience different stations and play your way through more than 30 different songs.

Those songs come from most corners of the globe and fit into a plethora of different musical genres. So there’s something for most people here. Let’s take a moment and watch a trailer, eh?

Deemo II certainly looks like it captures and builds on everything that made the original so popular. It’s weird in all the ways that people seem to get on with nowadays, it looks lovely, and there’s always something to do.

You can click here to download Deemo II from the App Store right now. Bear in mind though, that once it’s installed you’ll have to wait for the servers to go live to actually play it. All being well, that’ll happen tomorrow.