‘Delta-V Racing’ Gets a Ridiculously Huge New Update


If you cast your mind all the way back to 2013, you might remember us giving Spacehopper Studios’ Delta-V Racing an absolutely glowing review. Our reviewer, Nathan Reinauer, had lots of nice things to say about the game in that write-up, but I think this quote sums it up best: Delta-V Racing is a near-perfect racing game, in the way it eschews fancy 3D graphics and instead focuses on the absolute essentials: solid controls, deviously clever tracks, and loads of competition from the AI and, more importantly, your Game Center buddies.”

The only real negative Nathan found with Delta-V Racing was that it was a bit too short. And as of today, that’s no longer an issue, with Spacehopper Studios rolling out an update for the game that’s stuffed to the brim with new content.

So what does the update bring to the table? Well, for starters, two whole new tournaments: Champions and Legends. These tournaments add an additional 18 events to the existing 36, making a total of 54 events, according to the folks at Spacehopper. It also features 4 new ships bringing the total to 12, and some graphical enhancements including parallax scrolling to give the player an extra sense of speed when playing.

Long-time fans of Delta-V Racing will no doubt be surprised and delighted by this huge update (which will be made available at some point today, if it isn’t already). And for anyone who still hasn’t checked out the game yet, there’s never really been a better time to do so!

Download Delta-V Racing from the App Store.