Demon Blade is a Samurai Hack-and-Slash Action Game for iPhone and iPad

Action games on mobile have to walk a fine line. They need to understand the limitations of the controls and work within them, or they’re doomed to be too complex. But they also need to keep the player engaged, and make them feel like a badass. Demon Blade just about manages to get things right.

There are shades of Infinity Blade here. You’re playing a sword-wielding samurai and need to swipe and tap to take down a series of gruesome foes. Different attacks require you to swipe in different directions, and perfectly timing your blocking taps results in a powerful counter.

It’s not the most original experience, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fun to be had here. Plus the game looks absolutely gorgeous, with a cel-shaded style that really pops off the screen. You can check it out in the trailer we’ve embedded below.

The game gives you plenty to do. Your hacking and slashing nets you new gear and weapons, and you’ll meet a host of characters who’ll help you along the way. Timing is key here, and you can’t just swipe frantically – an attack bar needs to fill up before you can whomp a foe.

Demon Blade might not be the freshest game on the App Store, but it does have an awful lot going for it. Its simple action is brilliant for a quick mobile gaming session, and even after a few minutes you’re going to toughen up your character and be ready for more the next time you pick the game up.

You can grab Demon Blade from the App Store for free by clicking right here. Are you going to be giving it a go? Or maybe you’ve already tried it out and you’d like to share your opinion? Either way, let us know in the comments section below.