Feature image for our Demon Piece Island Level Guide showcasing the billboard on the main island hub displaying small pngs of each island with their levels below in red.

Demon Piece Island Level Guide

This Demon Piece Island Level Guide is your tour guide through all the islands you’ll visit on your travels. Including each island-level recommendation, bosses and important NPCs.

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Demon Piece Island Level Guide

Alright, let’s get into it! Board my ship, please. Before we get into the guide, it’s worth noting that EVERY island has a Set Spawn NPC and a Demon Fruit Shop NPC.

Logue Town (Starter Island)

The hub for all important NPCs which brings in flocks of Marines and Pirates worldwide to trade, buy, craft and more.

  • Set Home NPC
  • Demon Fruit Shop NPC
  • Random Fruit Dealer NPC
  • Blacksmith NPC
  • Ted (Geppo trainer)
  • Chore Boy (Sells Marine accessories)
  • Gun Merchant NPC
  • Sword Collector NPC
  • Khabib (Fist fighting style trainer)
  • Attach (Wanted poster editor)
  • Reputation Tracker NPC
  • Bounty Hunter (Moves you to a high-bounty populated server in return for Beli)
  • Pirate Recruiter (Become a Pirate player)
  • Title Holder NPC

Shell Town (Level 1-25)

The spawn of Marines. If you choose to be a Marine on game entry, Shell Town will be your home spawn.

  • Rogue Officer (Miniboss)
  • Morgan (Boss)

Windmill Village (Level 1-35)

The spawn of pirates. If you chose pirate when you first joined Demon Piece, this will be your home spawn.

  • Bandit Leader (Miniboss)
  • Renier (Boss)

Orange Town (Level 35-60)

Regardless of occupational path, both Pirates and Marines will end up at Orange Town next. An island overrun by vicious Clown Pirates!

  • Weak Magician NPC (Sells Wooden Staff weapon)
  • Orange Pirate (Enemy)
  • Buggy The Clown (Boss)

Jungle (Level 60-100)

Enough clowning around, your next stop is the Jungle, home to the monkeys who aren’t overly thrilled about your visit.

  • Alphirex NPC (Haki trainer with Hidden Scroll quest)
  • Dojo Teacher NPC (Sells headband accessories for multiple uses)
  • Monkey (Enemy)
  • Monkey King Abu (Boss)

Baratie (Level 100-150)

Not quite an island. This restaurant ship on the seas is where Luffy recruited Sanji in the anime.

  • Merchant of the East NPC (Sells various weapons)
  • Sanji NPC (Teaches the user Black Leg fighting style in return for Beli)
  • Angry Chef (Enemy)
  • Krieg Pirate (Enemy)

Sandora (Level 150-240)

Don’t forget suncream! Next up is Sandora, inspired by Alabasta.

  • Merchant of the West NPC (Sells a variety of weapons)
  • Fresh NPC (Observation Haki trainer)
  • Sand Pirate (Enemy)
  • Desert Brigand (Enemy)
  • Sand Dragon (Miniboss)
  • Desert King (Boss)

Arlong Park (Level 240-315)

Despite the name, it’s not much of a theme park. Here you’ll go up against Fishmen, a powerful race several times stronger than the average human.

  • Fisherman NPC (Sells various hat accessories and weapons)
  • Rayleigh NPC (Obtains Soru after completing a quest and paying a sum of Beli)
  • Fishman (Enemy)
  • Graverobber (Enemy)
  • Arlong (Boss)

Skypiea (Level 315-600)

Into the heavens! Though, this place is crawling with enemies so be careful.

  • Wyper NPC (Sells Blast Cannon for Beli)
  • Retired Pirate NPC (Sells various equipment for Beli)
  • Sky Merchant NPC (Sells various equipment for Beli)
  • Carrot NPC (Teaches the Electro fighting style for Beli)
  • Sky Soldier (Enemy)
  • Divine Guardian (Enemy)
  • Guard Captain (Miniboss)
  • Thunder God (Boss)

Colosseum (No level cap)

A warrior’s domain where players can fight one another.

  • Ancient Warrior (Sells warrior’s equipment for Beli)

Abandoned Factory (No level cap)

Population: you!

  • Mysterious Scientist NPC (Buy Computer Micro Chips)
  • Kuma Raid Boss Spawn location
  • Sea Dragon Raid Boss (Just off the island)