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Demon Piece Race Tier List

This Demon Piece Race Tier List ranks every species from best to worst so you know which to try and roll for. Races aren’t the core part of Demon Piece, but falling into the correct faction with plentiful buffs certainly helps your journey.

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Demon Piece Race Tier List

Let’s get into the rankings!


The BEST of the best! These races host some nifty buffs to help you on your adventure. Plus, their cosmetic is a bonus to match.

  • Cyborg
  • Fishman


Good, just not the best. You could comfortably play the entire game whilst within one of these factions. They offer great benefits, but they’re just not the top picks.

  • Lunarian
  • Oni


Average races. Their buffs are decent but not overly important or helpful long-term. I would recommend a reroll when possible.

  • Mink


Weaker races. These races offer less than most with their buffs being niche or hardly helpful.

  • Skypiean


I would not recommend sticking to one of these factions unless you’ve run out of rerolls… Unluckly.

  • Human – Has no buffs or cosmetics

Full Race Master List

This master list serves as an index of all races so if a race happens to not be listed in the ranks you know I didn’t forget about it. Any race exempt from the list will be ranked eventually, but for the time being I simply don’t know enough about its benefits, cosmetic or playstyle to properly insert it into the ranks. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back so you never miss out on updates to the rankings!

  • Human (30%)
  • Skypiean (20%)
  • Fishman (15%)
  • Mink (15%)
  • Oni (10%)
  • Cyborg (5%)
  • Lunarian (5%)