DeNA’s ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ Mobile Game to Release alongside Upcoming Movie


Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg are once more ready to bring an army of giant robots — not to mention a ton of explosions — to theaters everywhere next month, courtesy of a film known as Transformers: Age of Extinction. The movie is, sans Shia LaBeouf, set to give Transformers fans everywhere something that they’ve been actively clamoring for ever since they first finished watching the debut film: the actual Dinobots. Also coming along — as people would expect these days of such a large blockbuster — is an associated mobile game for a variety of iOS platforms, being developed by the folks over at DeNA.

The official mobile game to Transformers: Age of Extinction promises to let players take their Autobot of choice — with Grimlock, Bumblebee, and Optimus Prime all being confirmed — and then engage in robotic rampage across a variety of mission based levels. Players have been promised that the game will let them smash through not only enemy Decepticons — but also the environment as well — as they charge forward in endless runner esque gameplay, which looks positively gorgeous in the screenshots released so far. Since this game, which will be released for free, is being developed by DeNA — whom also helped design G.I. Joe: Battleground — lots of gear collecting is likely to exist as well.

Anyways, expect a review from iFanzine — regarding whether or not this game has both the touch and the power — when DeNA’s app launches alongside the Transformers: Age of Extinction film sometime next month.