Denny’s and Atari Team up to Put a Breakfasty Spin on Some Classic Games in ‘Denny’s Atari Remix’

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Denny’s — the popular family restaurant, perhaps best known for finding ways of putting bacon into absolutely everything imaginable — have just announced a temporary partnership with Atari, resulting in the just released Denny’s Atari Remix. Proving once and for all that there is absolutely nothing that the diner food-chain can’t fully baconize, this absolutely free app presents three breakfast food themed renditions of Atari classics. Contained within are Take-Out (based on Break-Out) — Centipup (based on Centipede) — and Hashteroids (based on Asteroids), all of which are chock full of both classic gaming action and breakfast food goodness.

First off, all of three games contained within — other than their added Denny’s themed motifs — are essentially full 1:1 recreations of their respective classical Atari counterparts. In Take-Out you are challenged to keep a pixelated egg in play — bouncing it off of your plate — in order to smash through the various rows of pixelated pancakes, eggs, and bacon strips lying at the top of your screen. In Centipup you must defend the Wonderfood Forest — with the power of your magical ketchup bottle — from the evil Nannerpuss, and his summoned army of evil hush puppy monstrosities. Finally, in Hashteroids you must navigate your vectorized ketchup ship through a field of giant hash browns — as well as mysterious flying saucers, complete with coffee cups — all while trying to stay alive.

Although it would have been easy for them to merely slap together three paint jobbed games at call it a day, Denny’s Atari Remix even includes separate GameCenter high score leader boards for each of these baconized gaming classics. Even the main menu itself — wherein you select which game you wish to play next — features mock Atari 2600 cartridges, with parody artwork labels paying tribute to classical video game style boxart. However, the most amusing touch definitely has to be the included mock manuals parodying the ways that game manuals used to be written during the Atari 2600’s reign (I especially liked the Centipup manual’s parody of the plot from the original Centipede).

As the bundle contains three fully functional classical games for the price of absolutely free — complete with absolutely no IAPs whatsoever — there’s pretty much no reason to not download this right away, especially since it will only be available for a limited time.