Desert Zombie: Last Stand: Blisteringly Hot New Alpha Gameplay Trailer!

You may recall we wondered aloud in our Desert Zombie: Last Stand First Look article whether this upcoming Unreal Engine-powered game might end up being a linear, “on-rails” experience à la Doom Resurrection or RAGE. The latest teaser trailer and accompanying press release from Crystalised puts paid to the notion, revealing Last Stand to be a completely free-roaming, third-person shooter in a similar vein to Gears of War.

“Having free-roaming capabilities in Desert Zombie: Last Stand creates gameplay that, until now, has gone largely unexplored on mobile gaming devices. We’re excited that Desert Zombie: Last Stand will be the first game of its kind released on the mobile version of the UDK – Epic’s technology has allowed us to create a truly impressive experience.”

  • Cam Phillips, Project Lead

Crystalised have also spilled some further info on what we can expect gameplay-wise from Last Stand. Highlights include: six varied levels, including indoors and outdoors environments, tons of different enemy types such as bosses and the formidable “Suicide Hyper” zombie, a wealth of high-tech weaponry to play with, and a sequence that will see you blasting at zombies from the door-mounted gun of a Blackhawk helicopter!

DesertZombieGame’s official YouTube channel is well worth checking for a behind the scenes look at the making of the game (including an excellent motion capture session for a zombie character) and other interesting tid-bits.