Detonation Racing is an Awesome Looking Upcoming Apple Arcade Game

Detonation Racing looks like it’s going to channel some of the incredible racing madness of sadly forgotten console game Split/Second. It’s got cars, it’s got ridiculous destruction and it’s coming to Apple Arcade in the not-too-distant future.

As well as driving really fast, you can change the track by triggering massive events. Like dropping a submarine. There are dangerous shortcuts to take and a whole heap of other craziness to sink your teeth into as well.

This feels like it could be better captured in moving pictures than words, especially in a news story. So let’s all sit back and watch a trailer that encapsulates most of the things that Detonation Racing has to offer.

The game will feature six different tracks at launch, and a bunch of different cars and paint jobs. There’ll be single player and multiplayer modes, including local and online races. So that’s pretty cool as well.

We’re pretty excited to get our hands on this one. If you are too, you can pre-order the game so it installs when it launches by clicking here. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription to do that, but we all know how we feel about those by now.