Detonation Racing Out Now for Apple Arcade

You know the problem with most racing games? There aren’t enough explosions. Detonation Racing sets out to correct that, filling its tracks with bombs, lava and all manner of other ridiculous obstacles that you can trigger to trash your opponent’s cars.

The game sees you blitzing your way through the pack, slipstreaming and drifting and generally having a wonderfully ridiculous time. And it’s just landed on Apple Arcade, which is really good news.

There are plenty of car customization options, and a rich and ridiculous sense of humor that runs through everything in the game. Plus you can drop massive crates onto the other racers. Here’s a trailer.

Recently a lot of Apple Arcade games have been “+” versions of titles we’ve already played, so it’s nice to see there are still original games coming out on the service. Especially original games as good as this one.

If you’re looking for a fast, frantic arcade racer that takes itself the opposite of seriously, and you’ve got an Apple Arcade account, click here to download Detonation Racing right this second.