Dev Talk: What’s Your Desert Island iOS Game? (Part 3)

Hello, and welcome to Dev Talk, the weekly iFanzine feature in which I ask a panel of indie game developers their opinion on a topic or current hot-button issue related to the games industry.

Since the devs and I have spent the last few weeks discussing some pretty heavy topics (diversity, marketing and user reviews), this time around I decided to lighten things up a bit with the following question: “If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one iOS game with you, what would it be? (Caveat: you can’t pick one of your own games.)”

Here’s what the devs had to say…

Robert Jakob, Forest Ring Games

If the island had Wifi, any multiplayer game with a chat function like Clash Royale. If not, Talking Tom, the modern day Wilson. Or Idle Miner Tycoon.

Przemek Sobstel

It would be definitely Device 6 by Simogo, because it’s so unique and one of a kind. Half a game, half a novel, it’s a sort of puzzle adventure with a intriguing story and proper ending, but there’s always something to find when you re-play it, just like your favorite multi-layered movie or book. It makes you think, it lets you interpret things, it leaves you open-jawed with “wow, what the f**k just happened?” It’s also very unsettling about how tech-obsessed we are. And hey, it takes place on an island, so I would play it and secretly count on some adventure out there coming out of nowhere…

Ivan Kovalov

This is quite a complicated question — so many great games have been released on iOS! But if I had to choose I guess I’d pick Alto’s Odyssey for its replayability, as after completing all the challenges I would be able to create some new ones for myself. For the same quality I could choose Flippy Knife, but I guess on a desert island you would play this game with a real knife anyway (perhaps, Robinson Crusoe was its inventor).

Thibaud de Souza, Anime 3D SFX

Going out on a limb here assuming that I’m not going to be stranded alone on a desert island. Then I’ll pick EAT FATTY and hope that the motivational benefit will outweigh the loss of (precious whatever’s remaining) battery life.

But then again, getting stranded on a desert island sounds like an adventure. Will I need a phone, or just a flashlight?

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