Diablo Immortal Out Now on the App Store, but Cross-Server Play Isn’t Possible

It’s been a long-time coming, but Diablo Immortal has finally landed on the App Store. This is Blizzard’s pocket-sized version of its classic dungeon-crawler, set between the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, and you can download it right this second.

But before you do, there’s something to consider – namely that the game doesn’t offer cross-server play. That means if you’re on one server and your friend is on another, you’re not going to be able to quest together.

While this isn’t a huge problem – you’re just going to have to have a chat before you pick your server to make sure you’re all on the same one – it is a departure from other Diablo games in the past. And definitely something you’re going to have to think about.

According to a tweet from Diablo Immortal’s community lead, the lack of cross-server play is intentional and, while things might change in the future, right now you’re going to have to be on the same server to play with people.

The game itself is an impressive achievement. It looks gorgeous and there’s plenty of gloomy hacking, slashing and loot connection to keep your fingers interested. It’s a hefty download though, taking up about 12GB of space once you’ve installed everything.

If you’d like to give Diablo Immortal a go you can click here to download it from the App Store. It’s free with IAPs.