Dicewrench Designs Launch a Kickstarter to Help Get ‘Wild Wings’ off the Ground


Dicewrench Designs — a group of game designers stationed in South Carolina — recently showed the world their plans for a game deriving its inspiration from classics such as Star Fox 64, Crimson Skies, and Rogue Squadron. To go alongside their plans for an online arcade styled multiplayer free-for-all was the much lauded Aerocature designs — by renowned artist, Hank Caruso — to serve as the roster of playable aircraft. Then — on top of all these claims — to prove that Dicewrench Designs truly were serious about their many lofty proposals, they showed an extremely promising early game play trailer as well!

When done their plans would let players across a multitude of setups — including Windows, Ouya, Mac, Android and iOS — compete with full cross platform compatibility, all utilizing twelve different iconic Aerocature airplane designs created by Hank Caruso. The only catch is that — in order for the team to continue pushing all the way — they’ve currently found themselves in desperate need of additional funding, which is why they’ve started a Kickstarter seeking an additional $30,000 in much needed development funds. So for anyone whom donates at least $10 — or perhaps even more — the developers have already lined up many fine rewards, such as: exclusive backer paint jobs, printed artwork, 3D printed Aerocatures, and even the chance to be flown around in a real life L-39 Jet!

Those intrigued by Dicewrench Designs’ plans to make Wild Wings become the best arcade-style aerial dog fighting game ever — featuring Hank Caruso’s art, no less — should be sure to add their support by June 28th, or else the project will never get off the ground.