‘Dididodo Defense’ Smashes Kickstarter Target; Out Now on Android, Coming Soon to iOS

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A most perplexing alien race — known as the Dididodo — have recently come to Earth looking for someone to save them, yet they are commonly mistaken for invaders due to an unfortunate quirk of their species. These large mouthed creatures — holding their eyes in their hands — can never afford to become truly amused, for falling into laughter forces them to literally explode violently at the seams. Due to the numerous misunderstandings that their laughter has created, and their complete lack of warfare knowledge, they are now desperately seeking for one whom can help them reclaim their home world.

To do this the player must teach the Dididodo how to defend their locations, in the form of a Tower Defense game, by creatively utilizing the diverse array of non-combat skills that the aliens have amassed. Along the way players will be able to rebuild the Dididodo’s lost home world in whichever manner they best see fit, creating their own vision of a Utopian paradise for the eyeball carrying aliens. You must also continuously upgrade your wards’ Refrigerator Spaceship, so that they may safely complete the long journey back to the place where all of their unfortunate misunderstandings first began.


So goes the set up to Dididodo Defense, a quirky tower defense title — with a unique art style — envisioned by a team of Vietnam programmers whom hope to prove that there’s more to Asian game design than current mobile app trends would commonly suggest. While they originally intended to launch the finished version of Dididodo Defense on both iOS and Android devices, cash shortages eventually forced the team to reluctantly launch an unfinished version on Google Play. The Dididodo team was not yet ready to give up — however — and thus launched a Kickstarter aiming to raise the funds needed to truly finish their quirky title, which triumphantly pulled in just over $1,700.

Therefore — thanks to the generosity of various backers — iOS users everywhere can soon expect to try out Dididodo Defense as well, complete with extra features and levels, and thus meet oddball aliens such as “Bruco Loo” and “Anberto Einstein” in the process.

Here’s a gameplay video of the Android version: