Digital Tales Announce ‘Bravura: Quest Rush’, An Amazing Looking New Action RPG!


Digital Tales’ previous iOS outing, Battleloot Adventure (read our review), impressed us no end, so the news that the Italian indie game studio are currently tinkering away on a brand new RPG for iPhone and iPad makes us very, very happy indeed!

The folks at Digital Tales describe their next project, entitled Bravura: Quest Rush, thusly: “(it’s) an original cartoon inspired 2D action RPG. The game is all about saving the world in the least amount of time possible, and features a cast of colorful, loud characters.” While that really isn’t all that much to go on, they did also send us over a batch of eye-catching screenshots featuring “suspicious poncho-wearing moustache-men and impressively large wrenches,” which you can check out below:

Simply click the above images to “enlarge-ify” them.

We’ll be posting a more extensive preview of Bravura: Quest Rush later in the week, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, be sure to keep half on eye on Digital Tales’ website for more information. Oh, and the developers are also planning on showing off Bravura: Quest Rush at this year’s Game Connection in San Francisco (March 25-27, 2013).