Dino Squad is an Upcoming PvP Shooter for iOS Featuring Massive Guns and Dinosaurs

Dino Squad is a brand new PvP shooter that’s just been announced for iOS and Android. Pre-orders have gone live for the game on the App Store, so we thought it’d be a good idea to tell you what the game is all about. 

As you can probably tell, the game is mainly about dinosaurs with massive weapons shooting the living fossil out of each other. The game is being developed by Pixonic, whose other mobile games include the hugely popular mech shooter War Robots. In other words, there’s some pedigree behind the shooty bang bang. 

Dino Squad is a 6v6 team-based shooter, featuring 17 different dinosaurs that you can play and upgrade. Different dinos have different skills that you can use – will you be a stompy giant T-Rex or a sneaky Raptor? Those choices, and more, will define your playing experience. There are three different weight categories, as well as exclusive perks and upgrades for each of the prehistoric monsters. 

Along with the roster of dinosaurs, there are also six maps to sink your teeth into. There’s different terrain, like lava, rivers and long grass, and you can use it all to your advantage if you play smart. The game isn’t just about shooting either, with each dinosaur having melee attacks that can be used to devastating effect.

Dinosaur Jamming

Interestingly, development of the game first began at an in-house game jam at the Pixonic offices. In a press release Georgy Egorov, the CEO of Pixonic, said “Game-jams are one of the most important team building activities we do in a studio. They allow us to get creative and experiment, and come up with some truly innovative ideas. Dinosaurs with guns – what’s not to love?”

If any of that has piqued your interest, click here and you’ll be able to pre-order Dino Squad and get it delivered directly to your iPad or iPhone as soon as it comes out. According to the App Store that’s going to happen on April 29th, so you don’t have long to wait to get your hands on some awesome dinosaur action.