Dioxis Mining Update ‘Whirl the Squirrel’, Add Numerous Fixes Based on User Feedback


We here at iFanzine recently looked at Whirl the Squirrel (our review) when it first released, and – suffice it to say – we weren’t exactly terribly impressed with the initial state of Dioxis Mining’s premier foray into iOS gaming. Topping our list of complaints was the fact level 1-3 had inadvertently been designed to be virtually impossible, and the imprecise nature of the title’s controls weren’t doing much to help either. Dioxis Mining – not content to go quietly into the night – took the feedback from the various reviews, as well as many gamers, and quickly turned around with a massive gameplay overhaul.

mzl.zkrswxuh.480x480-75I can certainly testify that level 1-3 is now finishable by mortal men, but – judging from the update’s change log – it would quite easily be the least of things accomplished in this revision. That said, I can’t rightly comment on the veracity of the bulk of this version’s tweaks since – as I mentioned earlier – I was previously unable to get past the unforgiving difficult original edition of stage 1-3. So – instead – I will now be talking in brief about what Whirl the Squirrel is actually like, seeing as how the game’s first release made it hard to properly examine the title with proper scrutiny.

In short, going through Whirl the Squirrel is akin to playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog with an extremely limiting – but not entirely impossible – time limit constantly looming overhead. The end result has produced a game that is similar to the experience of attempting a speed run within a normal platformer, except that this time around speed runs are the norm if you wish to succeed at all. While Whirl the Squirrel is currently somewhat on the short side, with only 18 levels to its name so far, Dioxis Mining has claimed that more stages will be coming in future updates.

The end result is an iOS platformer that might interest people looking for a heavy dose of difficulty, especially if the promised future levels are more challenging than the final two stages currently present. The only primary complaint remaining in the current version, other than the game’s brevity, is that not a single one of the title’s achievements are registering correctly with Game Center. So long as Dioxis Mining keeps working on Whirl the Squirrel the same as they have so far, I imagine that this issue will probably be rectified sometime in the near future as well.