‘Discorun’ Dashes onto Android, Goes Free for iOS

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Having already earned plenty of acclaim on iOS, Toukio’s slick stage-based running game Discorun has finally made the jump over to Android. To celebrate the recent Google Play release, Toukio are currently offering it as a free download on both platforms. Discorun originally launched on the App Store in June priced at $2, so this is a pretty great deal.

iFanzine’s Clovis L. Dye, Jr. gave Discorun a glowing 5-star review back then, summing it up as follows: “Despite being from an admittedly overcrowded genre, Discorun manages to offer up tight controls — excellent level design — and (perhaps most importantly) a unique presentational-concept that has never before been tackled.” In fact, Clovis liked the game so much, the only negative he could find with it was that its catchy techno soundtrack managed to get permanently seared inside his brain!

If you fancy giving Discorun a spin yourself, simply hit the links below:

Discorun (iOS)

Discorun (Android)