Disney and Epic Games collaboration

Disney And Epic Games Are Collaborating To Build A Rad Entertainment Universe Connected With Fortnite

The Walt Disney Company is diving headfirst into gaming! Not that they already don’t have a bunch of games in their kitty, but this time they’re planning for something epic. Basically, Disney wants to bring all its cool stuff together under one roof. So, they’ve chosen to team up with the gaming goliath Epic Games. Interested to know more? Keep reading as we give you the complete lowdown on Disney and Epic Games collaboration!

What’s The Scoop?

While Marvel Studios handles all things Marvel-related in the gaming world for Disney, they’re now set to build their very own ‘Entertainment Universe’. Disney’s investing $1.5 billion to snag a piece of Epic Games as part of a long-term plan.

This isn’t the first time Disney and Epic Games have joined forces. You’ve probably seen Marvel heroes and Star Wars stuff popping up in Fortnite, right? Also, Epic’s Unreal Engine has produced assets for Disney games like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

In fact, Unreal Engine has also been used for cinematic stuff in Disney movies and streaming. Epic Games has had a hand in making attractions at Disney Parks, like the Millennium Falcon ride at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. On that note, why don’t you check out the games by Disney on the App Store?

A Happily Ever After!

The new collaboration will open up a whole new world of game modes, experiences and favourite Disney characters. Epic Games is gearing up to bring a whole virtual Disney world into their games. The CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, says this collaboration is building on their already tight bond with Disney through Fortnite. They’re planning to mesh Disney’s universe right into Fortnite, making it a whole new playground of possibilities.

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