Featured Image for Disney Dreamlight Valley . It features Rapunzel and a few other Disney Pixar characters. Featured behind them is the valley.

It’s A World Full Of Adventure In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally here! The game is going to land on iOS devices on December 6 with its iconic characters, charming life-simulations and quirky locations. Keep reading to know more!

Roam Around The Valley

Honestly, there’s always something to do in the valley! It’s filled with quests and challenges that you can tackle with your favourite Disney and Pixar cartoons. The master challenge, however, is to bring back the memory of all the residents in the valley. Apparently, there has been a rift in time and everyone has forgotten who they are.

So, you are a magician who can make things right. Help them out with their day-to-day tasks, from growing crops and fishing to cooking that 5-star dish. Growing resources and cleaning stuff just takes a couple of minutes which makes it fast and fun, unlike most other life/farm-sim games.

Met Everyone Yet?

It’s a Disney and Pixar world (starry-eyed)! Who knows? Your new neighbour might be Buzz Lightyear or err, Ursula. Help Wall-E water his plants and Remy grow vegetables. You can create garden layouts and cook and bake some epic dishes with the help of the recipe book.

You’ll solve puzzles for the Lion King family and help them put an end to Jafar’s schemes. You can also decorate the castles and dress up characters with awesome outfits. Oh, and don’t forget to take a beach selfie with Mirabel and Moana.

Is There A Rift?

The game is available for Apple Arcade subscribers only. The good news is that it’ll include the DLC A Rift in Time for free. The bad news (alas, there is one!) is you won’t be able to carry out microtransactions or access Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Star Path and in-game Premium Shop. If you’re an Arcade subscriber, then get the game from the Apple Arcade now.  

I hope you’re going to try Disney Dreamlight Valley. And, until you let the corn grow, read our latest scoop on Aster Tatariqus, an upcoming Final Fantasy-style game.