Disney Speedstorm mobile

Disney Speedstorm Mobile Cross-Save Out Today For Soft Launch Players

What better way to dive into the world of Disney & Pixar games than to be able to cross-save between mobile and PC? Yes, that’s right, it’s awesome news for Disney Speedstorm players! Starting today, i.e., November 2, mobile soft launch players will be able to cross-save between their mobile and PC and/or consoles.  

Gameloft’s Disney Speedstorm is a hero combat-racing game inspired by Disney and Pixar worlds. It has been available on PC and consoles for a while now. Recently, Gameloft also started pre-registrations for its global launch on mobile. With the new feature, you can save your progress and access the game on whichever device you choose to play. Do keep in mind that while linking accounts, you have to select which progress and content you want to keep.

More About Disney Speedstorm

Let’s look at some major features of the game:

  • It’s a free-to-play game.
  • You can play it solo or in local and online multiplayer modes. You can also challenge players from around the globe.
  • It has a diverse and incredible set of characters, from Mickey Mouse and Sulley to Captain Jack Sparrow and Baloo.
  • It’s a gacha game with virtual currencies that are supplementary.
  • It allows you to customise a lot of elements of the game, including suits, karts, wheels, wings, etc.

The fourth season of the game will take you through the thrilling Cave of Wonders with Aladdin, Jasmine, Jafar, and the Genie. Head to the Disney Speedstorm website to learn more about the colourful world of kart racing.

Disney Speedstorm is an exciting game, especially if you are a huge Disney fan! It has tight racing with fun and interesting characters. The characters also progress quite well and the skills and unique abilities are pretty enjoyable to play with.

You can pre-order the mobile version on the App Store which is expected to be released around November 28, 2023. Till then, you can try out the soft launch version and experience this racing game with a cartoon twist! Check out this Disney Speedstorm tier list that can help you decide who to unlock first.