Dominate the Battlefield in Frantic 3v3 Multiplayer Brawler, Smash Legends, Out Now for iOS

There’s nothing worse than a multiplayer brawler that doesn’t leave you with sweaty palms and a massive grin on your face. Luckily, Smash Legends ticks both of those boxes. And loads more boxes, come to mention it, and you can pick it up for free right this second on the App Store. 

There are a bunch of different characters to choose from, all of them based on the heroes and villains from famous fairy tales. But there’s a twist – massive weapons. These champions pack a punch, with huge swords, hammers and super-powerful hand-cannons. Basically they’re armed to the teeth.

And that’s a good thing, because the aim of the game here is violence. You’re battling it out to control a panel in the centre of the level. In the core mode of the game two teams of three players are trying to be the first to score four points. The fights are fast, frantic and massively entertaining.

There are different modes to play as well, meaning there’s always something to do and something new to learn. Different characters require different play-styles – some you’ll need to jump into the fray, others you’ll need to hang back and blast away. Whichever of them you choose you’re going to be having a load of fun. 

You’re going to have to learn how to work with your teammates and find out the nuances of your chosen character as well. This is by no-means a mindless button basher – you’re going to have to play smart if you want to come out on top.

Smash Legends feels like it’s going to be a game that sticks around on your smartphone for a long time. You can grab Smash Legends from the App Store (and Google Play) right now by clicking right here. To learn more about the game, click here to check out the official Smash Legends website.