Don’t Kill the Knight is a Slick and Entertaining Auto-Runner Out Now for iPhone and iPad

There are loads of auto-runners on the App Store, so when one pops up that does something a bit differently we can’t help but take notice. Don’t Kill the Knight does just that, throwing some fresh ideas into the genre with aplomb.

For one thing, there’s a stop button. This is going to help you avoid obstacles, and it adds a sense of timing to proceedings that’s missing in a lot of auto-running platformers. There are things to leap over as well, and a longer press on the screen will make you jump higher.

The game also looks gorgeous. It’s got thick cartoon graphics and gives you enough space to play without your fingers getting in the way of the action. You’ll be using one digit to jump and one to stop, and that’s about it.

Even with those limited control options, you’re still going to feel more connected to Don’t Kill the Knight than you are most other auto-runners. And that’s a great thing, because it’ll keep you playing when you might have put a different game down.

Don’t Kill the Knight is out right now for iPhone and iPad and you can click right here to download it. The game won’t cost you anything to pick up and we reckon you’re going to really enjoy your time with it.