Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword Goes Free, XperimentalZ Games Celebrate with Special Events!

We abso-freakin-lutely adore XperimentalZ Games’ fresh and funny take on the running genre, Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword, ’round these parts, so reckon the news that the game is having its price slashed into non-existence later today is pretty earth-shatteringly amazing!

As if that wasn’t reason enough to get excited, our friends at Xperimentalz Games just let us know they’re also holding a series of super-cool special events to celebrate.

I’ll hand you over to Patrick Jacob from XperimentalZ and let him explain:

DRWAPS will be FREE for at least 1 week. A special event will be held during this period, based on the amount of downloads generated. At 100k, the game will remain free for a minimal period of 1 month. At 150k, an additional game mode will be developed on the top of the schedule of updates already planned. At 200k, yet another game mode will be added. Players are encouraged to spread the word and go on our website to vote for their preferred choices!

(We’re) also launching a video version of the retro-humoristic in-game user manual, which explains what not to do with a plasma sword. A new chapter of the guide will be released from time to time. To celebrate this, a contest will be held. Participants who get their one-liner chosen will earn a chance to win iTunes cards.”

In other DRWAPS-related news the first of two updates focusing on adding additional controls options is now available. This new update adds configurable control buttons and partially supports joypad, while the next update (coming soon) will add full iCade and iControlPad support.

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