The featured image for our Doors Dupe guide, featuring a crucific being struck from several angles by a an electric blue light, causing the crucific to levitate in the centre of the image.

Doors Dupe Guide (2023)

Are you up against Dupe in your Doors nightmare? If so, you should have a read of our Doors Dupe guide, as the terrifying entity can be pretty difficult to survive! Thankfully, by the end of this guide you’ll be able to understand the intimidating being a bit better, making you ready for when you next see it.

Doors is a unique horror game that’s available through the popular Roblox platform on both iOS and Android. For more information about the game, join the official Doors Roblox group.

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Doors Dupe Guide

We’ll now get on with the guide at hand. We’ll break it down into different subheadings to make processing the guide easier.


Before we start, you should familiarise yourself with Dupe. Dupe is a sinister entity that stalks the Doors Hotel, and appears in rooms that have two or more doors. For these reasons, it’s likely you’ll see Dupe in your stay at the Hotel, so be cautious!

While Dupe’s appearance is quite sinister, it will appear to you as a fake door. If you open Dupe, you’ll be ambushed by it! The way you can catch Dupe out is by recognising the door’s number – it will be the wrong one.

There’s a few different badges that you can get surrounding Dupe. They are…

  • Outwitted – use a crucifix against Dupe
  • Wrong Room – encounter Dupe by going through the wrong door

How To Beat Dupe

There’s a few different ways to avoid Dupe, and you might even find yourself taking it on. Here’s a few different pointers, hints, and tricks to help you in the right directions!

  • Watch out for Dupe spawning in multiple rooms – this can happen!
  • The darkness won’t stop Dupe from spawning in a room, so stay vigilant
  • Using a crucifix on Dupe when it attacks you will spare you from it’s grasp

About The Game

Doors is currently one of the most popular games on Roblox. In the game, you have to escape an impossibly big mansion by – you guessed it – opening doors. But it’s what’s on the other side of these doors that makes the game so horrifying. Sometimes it’s monsters, and sometimes the door will swallow you whole. But in a lot of cases, running into nothing might be the scariest option of them all – walking through the endless emptiness, without making any progress to the front door.