Dot Product shots from the the different levels of the game

All-New Free-to-Play Puzzler Dot Product Now Available on iOS

Dot Product is a super addictive high-score puzzler that is free to play on iOS. The new launch by developer Adrian Bush is a fun and intuitive puzzle game that challenges your sense of geometric space. In the game, you have to shoot ricochet disks into one another to wear them down and destroy them. However, you must strategize carefully as the board can fill up quickly.

The developer Adrian Bush released the game as a Christmas gift for his friend Andrew. But luckily, even other players found their way to this game on the App Store just in time for Christmas! Those who have already tried their hands at Dot Product have found themselves completely hooked to the game, describing it as unputdownable.

Dot Product: About the Game

If you think this game looks familiar, we do too! Dot Product appears to be a more modern installment of the classic Pinball game. While nothing can beat the iconic original, this one certainly has its own unique charms.

Dot Product offers players interesting gameplay. It is a tiny ricochet puzzle game with easy one-tap controls, cool mechanics, a really neat presentation, and some extraordinary haptic feedback integration.

There‘s no menu, no options, no sound, and the device does tend to heat up eventually. Certain graphical flickers seem like they were intentionally used as an artistic choice. However, the developer clarified that some of the issues are actually a bug he has yet to resolve.

Despite the game being a work in progress, it quickly made it to the list of favourite releases in 2023 for many players. The presentation and gameplay of Dot Product are absolutely captivating! Make sure to give it a go by downloading it here.

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