Dota Underlords Gets a Free Proto Pass

Dota Underlords has just received a free Proto Pass that gifts players emotes, banners, boards, and more just for playing the game right now.

Proto stands for prototype, as Valve is testing the waters ahead of the release of the genuine Season 1 pass that’s due to come later.

The Proto Pass is a Prototype Ahead of the Genuine Season 1 Pass Release

This is, effectively, an easy way for Valve to get some free feedback to ensure that when Dota Underlords leaves beta, it can hit the ground running.

It works just like any other Battle Pass. You’ll complete a series of Daily Challenges and play the game to work your way up the rankings and earn yourself some exclusive goodies along the way.

You can grab Dota Underlords right now from the App Store, and get those sweet Proto Pass rewards right away for free.