Featured Image for Dr.STONE Battle Craft. It features Senku, Kohaku, Ginro, Gen and others.

Unpetrify People As Dr.STONE Battle Craft Releases Globally On iOS

Dr.STONE Battle Craft is finally out for the global audience on iOS. The anime-based game was released in Japan back in 2021. Now that it’s finally here, let’s give you a quick intro to the game.

Dr.STONE Battle Craft

The story is set in the future when humans have been turned into stones. However, after 3700 years of this future stone age, Senku wakes up from his ‘Petrified’ state. If you watch the anime series, then you already know the story. Now, Senku has to bring back technology into this stone civilisation and revive humanity.

It’s a strategy game that involves crafting new elements using different materials. You get to build structures and set out on expeditions while battling the enemies of the Might Empire. You get to keep collecting characters that range from N to SR and SSR using character cards.

The game has more than 70 missions. The major characters have more than one card and you have to compete at the local level to upgrade. To get a character, you need to acquire ten stones. The gameplay also involves bits and pieces of base management and RPG. It has great music based on the original anime and complements the game well. So, if you’re a fan of Dr. Stone or just fancy playing a classic Japanese strategy game, download it from the App Store now.

It’s free to play and comes with pretty expensive but exciting in-app purchases like the skip ticket sets. Poppin Games, the publisher of Dr.STONE Battle Craft has some pretty slick games like Welcome to Moominvalley, Peter Rabbit -Hidden World and New Alice’s Mad Tea Party.

So, go ahead, use your character cards, build your army of science enthusiasts and make humans humans again. Also, check out our news on a new game, The Cheese Chase, where you can deliver pizzas at the speed of lightning!