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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Panel Missions Guide

Are you wondering how to get through those Panel Missions? Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. We’ve created a Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Panel Missions guide to assist you in completing them. In the article, we’ll break down each level and guide you on how to tackle the Panel Missions.

Dokkan Battle is a Dragon Ball Z mobile gacha game that includes various gameplay elements. There’s a bubble popping game, plenty of puzzles, board game elements, and collectible cards. For more information about the lore and the game, check out the official Twitter page. Check out our other Dokkan Battle guides, such as our Dokkan Battle tier list, Battle of Fate tier list, and our Peppy Gals tier list.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Panel Missions Guide

Without further ado, let’s dive into the guide.


Panel Missions are easy missions that were added to the game in order to ease new players and veterans alike into a newly added event.

The Boards are relatively simple; all you have to do is clear the tutorials, defeating any enemies that stand in your way using your team of six units. Underneath each Board, we’ll list a few simple steps to stick by.

Board One

  • Complete the tutorial
  • Start and complete the daily training event assigned by Master Roshi
  • Complete the Turtle School training event
  • Z-awaken a unit
  • Use training location
  • Sell a Hercule statue
  • Raise SA level
  • Complete the fourth stage of DB History
  • Finish by making sure all of Board One’s missions are completed

Board Two

  • Purchase an item from Baba’s Shop, using the Zeni currency
  • Send a friend request so that you can perform a friend multi-summon
  • Use Incredible Gems to buy an item
  • To proceed, you must rank up to Rank 30
  • Complete three training events
  • Complete stage 6 of DB History
  • Complete stage 9 of DB History
  • Finish by making sure all Board Two’s missions are completed

Board Three

  • Use up 200 stamina
  • Collect 30 awakening medals and 30 training items
  • Z-awaken five units
  • On Z-Hard difficulty, complete stage two of An Epic Showdown Event
  • Complete the Countless Awakening Models! mission
  • Finish up your Training at Korin Tower mission
  • Complete stage 12 of DB History
  • Finish up by making sure all of Board Three’s missions are complete

Board Four

  • Use up 300 stamina
  • On Z-Hard difficulty, complete Quest area 1 stage 5
  • Obtain 7 Dragon Balls
  • Use the Shenron Wish to summon
  • Upgrade your F2P Goku (PHY) to SA10
  • Using an item, complete any stage
  • Dokkan Awaken your SSJ Goku (TEQ)
  • Clear an event
  • Rank up to rank 50 and finalise by finishing up any remaining Board Four missions

Board Five

  • Spend at least 500 stamina
  • Complete a stage of DB History 20 times
  • Level up 50 links
  • Unlock a potential Level 50 path on F2P Goku (PHY)
  • Complete the In Search of Great Power! God-Level Intensive Training event, and use a skill orb
  • Complete the Pan’s Secret Adventure mission
  • Finish up by completing any remaining missions

About The Game

In Dokkan Battle you will fight against the enemy by solving a puzzle. This puzzle is reminiscent of the classic match three genre. As you rise up the levels, you’ll find certain spots that have special items, traps, power-ups, and fights. 

By matching the orbs you will attack the enemy, or use one of your other abilities. Once you’ve completed a certain amount of orb matches, you will unlock “Dokkan Mode” for a character. In Dokkan Mode, you must click on 7 targets in a Z shape as a Ki orb moves over them. This results in your character using a powerful Super Attack on the enemy.