Dragon Quest Tact is Coming to the US January 27th

Dragon Quest Tact landed in Japan more than six months ago, and since then we’ve all been waiting patiently to get a go at the TRPG set in the Dragon Quest universe. Well, that wait is almost at an end. Dragon Quest Tact is going to land on the US App Store on January 27th.

The game sees you building up a team of fearsome monsters, all of whom are going to be familiar to fans of the Dragon Quest games, and then taking them out to battle foes. The game promises to offer something for experienced players and newcomers alike, which sounds pretty generous.

There looks to be a depth to Dragon Quest Tact that a lot of other similar games lack. You need to think about your team and utilize all of the creatures that you collect, not just the most powerful ones, if you want to succeed.

Right now you can get your pre-order in for the game, which means you’re going to be among the first to play it in the west when it finally lands. Click here and you can register your interest in Dragon Quest Tact on the App Store.

The game will be free when it launches, and there will be IAPs, as well as a subscription system called the Passport. This gets you a bunch of boosts, extra XP and chances for daily quests. We’ll see what that means in practice when Dragon Quest Tact launches later this month.