‘Dream Dodger’, Now Funding on Kickstarter, Is the Most Hilariously Surreal Endless Runner Ever


Alfred is an old man desperately trying to escape from a nursing home, except that the whole daring getaway sequence is taking place entirely inside his dreams one night. Alfred will be — because of this fact — running through one of the most surreal nursing homes ever, filled with candy-colored visions and rapidly changing — and often highly implausible — scenery shifts. Not one to be scared by these hallucinations — however — Alfred will always take it in stride, cracking wise as he slides under syringe carrying nurses — double jumps over unruly doctors — and rides along curiously placed zip lines.

screen480x480Thus goes the set up to Dream Dodger, a game from Karolis Mikalauskas that aims to create the most surreal — rapidly changing — humorous endless runner ever seen upon mobile devices. Although not yet done by a long shot, those interested in seeing a preview of where Karol Mikalauskas — and associates — plan to take Dream Dodger can sample the team’s current progress by downloading the freely available iOS demo. Although not present in the demo itself, the game’s final version aims to have five additional playable escapees — a girl on rollerblades, a robot, a zombie, a superhero, and a skateboarder — all of whom will even have multiple alternate costumes to choose from.

Mikalauskas’s associates are really hoping that you enjoy their current demonstration, especially since they’re presently running a Kickstarter that aims to raise $6,000 in funds with which to complete and distribute the finalized version of Dream Dodger. Currently a pledge of just $5 is all that’s needed to become an early beta-tester for Dream Dodger, and in the process have your name proudly appear during the release version’s credits. Meanwhile — for those whom donate further — additional backer rewards include: starter bundles of ability upgrade currency, copies of the game’s complete soundtrack, a poster signed by the entire team, physical statues of the main character: Alfred, and much more!

Those now interested in helping to ensure that Alfred has the most bizarre dream ever should be sure to chip in their donations before January 4th arrives, or else Mikalauskas’s plans of finishing Dream Dodger might end up becoming nothing more than a fantasy.