‘Dreamy Snakes’ Review: Fassst-Paced and Sssuper Fun

As Halloween nears, I’m sure many of you will be looking for fun, monster-filled games to enjoy during the spooky season. So allow me to recommend Chummy Games’ Dreamy Snakes (out now, free). It’s a thrilling, all-ages friendly arcade game that sees players taking control of an enchanted toy snake and doing battle with things that go bump in the night.

Dreamy Snakes opens to a scene of a young child peacefully sleeping in his bedroom. Then, suddenly, a monster floats in through the window. It’s soon followed by another, and another, and before long, the place is swarming with nasty creatures. Things look grim until a toybox in the corner begins to rattle, and out pops George, a snake stuffie who’s ready to protect his beloved owner from these invading night terrors!

Playing as George, your job is to slither around the screen and gobble up as many monsters as possible before they take you down. Dreamy Snakes’ controls are smooth and responsive, which is just as well since the game is challenging from the outset and never lets up. Each wave of enemies is tougher than the last, and you also have to contend with frequent boss battles, including one against a giant evil teddy bear armed with ninja throwing stars. To even the odds, you have a range of insane power-ups at your disposal which let you do things like spit fire or wield a baseball bat.

As you play Dreamy Snakes, you collect gold coins. This booty is spent on a Gacha prize machine, which gives you a chance at winning power-up upgrades or new snakes to play as. The unlockable snakes include: Robbie, a cybernetic Terminator-inspired snake; Berg, a snake with a burger for a head; and Princess, a unicorn/snake hybrid. These bonus characters are so adorably daft and weird that you’ll definitely feel compelled to collect ’em all. (Trust me on that!)

Dreamy Snakes is pretty generous when it comes to dishing out free prizes (you’re awarded a bunch of coins — and sometimes even a new character — every few hours), but it still takes quite a bit of grinding to earn enough in-game cash to fully upgrade your collection of snakes and power-up abilities. This is a free-to-play title, so of course you have the option to speed the whole process up by bulk buying coins via in-app purchases. Any IAP you make also permanently strips the ads from the game, which is a nice little bonus.

The vaguely grindy nature of its unlock/upgrade system aside, I really, really like Dreamy Snakes. The whimsical premise, lush visuals, fast-paced gameplay, and wealth of content, all combine to make it a very enjoyable, easily recommendable game. Perfect if you’re looking for something simple yet fun to play this Halloween.


Beautifully imaginative visuals, simple yet challenging gameplay, and tons of fun unlockables make Dreamy Snakes a mussst-try game. Highly recommended to gamers of all ages, especially as it’s a free download.

Great premise
Slick, satisfying gameplay
Sumptuous visuals
Tons of unlockable and upgradeable characters
Earning enough coins to upgrade snakes takes quite a bit of grinding
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