The featured image for our Dredge Achievements guide, featuring a promotional image from the game. The picture features a boat sailing in a lake. By the lake is a mountain, as well as the shore.

Dredge Achievements Guide (2023)

Are you an achievement hunter? Looking to 100% the new fishing adventure game? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve created a Dredge achievements guide, teaching you what’s required to unlock every achievement in the game.

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Dredge Achievements Guide

We’ll now dive into the achievements guide at hand! We’ll section off the different achievements depending on how rare/difficult they are.

Super Rare

  • From the depths – unlock every achievement in the game


  • Unshackled – Find a use for the relics
  • Sated – Throw it back
  • Master Angler – Catch all species of fish
  • Aberration Attractor – Catch all abberations
  • Researcher: Rods – Research all rods
  • The Bond – Entrust the Ring
  • The Chains – Relinquish the Necklace
  • Researcher: Engines – Research all engines
  • The Moment – Give up the Pocket Watch
  • Researcher: Nets – Research all nets
  • Researcher: Pots – Research all pots
  • Providence – Complete all side quests in the game


  • Cash for Gold – Sell a total of $1500 worth of trinkets
  • Unsustainable Fishing – Use Atrophy on a fishing spot a long way away
  • No Time to Linger – Have a combined engine speed of 75km
  • Servant of the Shrines – Solve all fish shrine puzzles
  • Swift Reaper – Have a combined fishing speed of 200%
  • Hull: Advanced – Upgrade to the 4th tier hull
  • Hull: Refined – Upgrade to the 3rd tier hull
  • Feeling Prepared – Install equipment into every slot on your ship
  • Banisher – Banish 10 threats
  • Cruel Heat – Keep your Haste burn meter above 50% for 10 seconds
  • Prey Sighted – Spot a fish of each category through your Spyglass
  • Perfect Packing – Have a full cargo
  • Lives for Profit – Sell a total of $2500 worth of fish
  • Tangled in This Web – Catch 150 fish in trawl nets
  • The Key – Deliver the Key
  • Dimensional Bypass – Traverse a long distance using Manifest
  • Light Up the Night – Have a combined light strength of 3000 lumens
  • The Secret – Surrender the Music Box
  • Mixed Results – Use Mixed Bait to attract 3 different species to a single spot
  • Introductions – Complete the introduction quest
  • Hull: Improved – Upgrade to the 2nd tier hull
  • Trapped by These Walls – Catch 100 crabs in crab pots
  • Lifted From the Deep – Catch 250 fish using rods
  • Safe Havens – Visit every dock in the game
  • From the Fog – Hear a Foghorn echo
  • Unwanted – Discard 25 fish
  • Careless Harvesting – Deplete a total of 25 fishing spots