‘Drop Bot’ Lands on Kickstarter

Kyle Merritt recently decided to inform the entire world of his vision regarding a game starring a single automaton robot, whom — for reasons not quite understood — is attempting to free fall for as long a possible. This project — appropriately entitled Drop Bot — would see players striving against each other’s top high scores in two entirely different game play modes: Endless Mode, and Mission Mode. The complicating factor for players during both of these game types is that the skies in Drop Bot are positively littered with various random junk that could immediately halt our mechanical hero’s eternal voyage.

While players will have the ability to drag Drop Bot’s automaton protagonist left and right, in order to dodge dangerous obstacles, perhaps the most important function at their disposal will actually be the robot’s ability to safely grab oncoming hazards. In this regard ‘safe’ exclusively refers to the fact that grabbing an obstacle won’t count as being clobbered by it, whereas the reality still is that holding things will have their own costs. While the various objects will all feature their own unique set of undesirable side-effects, which are triggered while the item is held, the robot can — after first grabbing them — then proceed to chuck the obstacle at other debris in order to score massive points!

13f74f0e45dbf788b166d9c6116b25d9_largeThe bulk of Drop Bot’s various achievements are specifically being planned around this tossing mechanic, such as one award — entitled ‘Irate Avians’ — that can be earned after successfully throwing a bird straight into a pig. Whereas endless mode will serve as practically a sandbox type experience for endlessly tossing things about, all while still trying to stay alive, it is in Drop Bot’s mission mode where this becomes the very focus. Each of these challenges are expected to last anywhere from roughly thirty seconds up to two whole minutes, and furthermore will come with their own unique array of achievements and competitive leader boards.

As Kyle Merritt had intended to release Drop Bot — once finished — completely for free on the iTunes Marketplace, he was presented with a quandary as to how he might find Kickstarter supporters for something that he was already planning to give away for free. To this end he conceived the idea for Drop Bot’s numerous bobble heads, a series of randomly appearing trophies — that you collect by physically grabbing — all of which are based upon the project’s backers. As your collection of these bobble heads grows steadily ever larger, more and more of Drop Bot’s various mission types — as well as in-game currency purchasable accessories — will be made available to you over time.

Currently those interested in helping Kyle Merritt out can have a bobble head rendered in any likeness of their own choosing — complete with catch phase — for a mere ten dollar donation, with a bundle discount of two bubbleheads being offered for $18. Meanwhile, those extra dedicated to endorsing the plight of falling automatons will have the chance to help design game elements such as: obstacles, achievements, and even mission types. Those now interested should be sure to hurry — however — as although Drop Bot’s Kickstarter has already raised $500, it currently only has fifteen days remaining in order to secure the remaining $1,000 needed.