Drop Revenge Review

Anyone who has ever had to pee in a cup will, depending on the circumstances, find the concept of Drop Revenge amusing, as it puts you in a unique and somewhat odd position of the “pee-cup” who must avoid yellow droplets of – what one can assume is – pee in a casual pick up and play fashion. It’s kinda gross, but deal with it, because underneath the simplicity is a game that has a lot of potential if only it wasn’t lacking in content and compelling interactions for a game priced at $1.99.

Drop Revenge is all about avoidance – you take control of an animated pee-cup in a drug-testing clinic and must avoid yellow droplets of pee that fall like rain-drops at different speeds, patterns and sizes. There’s even this green goo that will hit the floor occasionally and slow your pee-cup’s movement down considerably if you walk over it (or get anywhere near it). In addition to the pee droplets and green goo, there’s also the occasional droplet of pee with a health-capsule in it. You can collect these droplets by letting them fall into your pee-cup to slightly reduce the level of pee that has inadvertently collected during the course of your game session. Let the pee-cup overflow and it’s game over.

To play Drop Revenge you simply tap and hold on one of the pee-bubbles located on the bottom left and right sides of the screen, thus moving in the corresponding direction. if you tap and hold on the pee-bubble on the bottom-left side of the screen, the pee-cup will move left. Alternatively, if you tap and hold on the pee-bubble on the bottom-right side of the screen the pee-cup will move to the right. If you’re feeling creative you can tap and hold on both pee-bubbles simultaneously and the pee-cup will do a sort of moon-walk and kind of glitch towards the right or to the left depending on which bubble was tapped on first. In the top right corner of the screen, you will notice a drop-counter that keeps track of all the drops that fall as you progress in your game session.

In terms of presentation, there really isn’t much to brag about here. The pee-cup does have a somewhat cute expression when it moves about, but disappointingly doesn’t really react at all when droplets fall inside of it. The overall art style and animations here are mostly amateurish at best. Not to mention that the whole concept of the game, while unique, silly, and somewhat gross (which may be a good thing for some), is executed in such a way that can’t really be taken seriously. On the flip-side though, the games sound-effects and soundtrack is done quite well. Okay, it’s not going to win any awards but I found it added much needed atmosphere to the otherwise shallow presentation.

As far as gameplay goes, the simplistic avoidance mechanic isn’t anything new, but the way it has been implemented here has merit. The game itself is definitely catchy, although at the time of this review it’s lacking much needed engagement and could use more interactions. Put simply, play the game for a minute or two and you’ll have experienced all there is to this slight title.

iFanzine Verdict: Drop Revenge has the makings of a promising game, albeit with amateurish and odd presentation. The catchy gameplay mechanic is just lacking substance. As is and at the current $1.99 price point, I can’t really bring myself to recommend this. One to keep an eye on for sure, but definitely not one to drop $1.99 on…

[xrr rating=2.5/5]