Help Kickstart ‘Dropcat’, a Platformer That Recalls the Special Zone Levels from ‘Super Mario World’

Cody Gee recently declared to Kickstarter’s community his plans to make an auto-scrolling platformer that looked a lot like one of Super Mario World’s “Special Zone” levels, rather than a traditional Endless Runner. In Dropcat players are presented with a nearly endless — and utterly treacherous — open sky to navigate, all using a cute cat that will meet his demise if he’s ever allowed to fall off screen’s bottom. In order to do this he’ll have to bounce off enemies, grind along railings, skillfully use power-ups, leap from bubble-to-bubble, and do whatever else it takes to reach each stage’s ending with style!

Cody Gee has — in order to further development on Dropcatrequested $4,000 in development funds, of which — with a whopping 24 days still remaining — nearly $700 has already been secured. Those interested in Cody Gee’s fusion of colorful pixel artwork, catchy background music, and top notch difficulty can buy their own copy — on both iOS and Android — for just $15 (the iOS option is only available for backers in the US). Those further dedicated to fast-paced cat-jumping action can even receive: a copy of Dropcat’s soundtrack; the chance to help design a phrase that pops up during successful combos, among various other things; a unique drawing from the creator; and much more!

However — should you now find yourself positively intrigued — it’s absolutely vital that you chip in your donations to Dropcat before March 12th rolls around, as otherwise Cody Gee’s Kickstarter just might plummet into the abyss after failing to reach its goal.