‘Drunky Monkey Jump’ Review: A Boozy Fun Time!

Today we’re here to look at Drunky Monkey Jump (out now free), the latest game in Lynx Solutions’ ongoing series about a boozed-up simian desperately seeking to drink more than the local fish. This is yet another one of those purely ad-supported games — featuring simple, yet still engaging, game-play — that has furthermore been offered for absolutely-free, much like City on Fire (our review). This app isn’t — however — the world’s premier game centered around booze-collecting, for that esteemed-honor must instead go exclusively to the impeccably-sophisticated Max Gentleman (our review).

screen568x568Drunky Monkey Jump — mostly — features a single simple-mechanic: tapping the screen to have the main monkey leap straight from one side to the other end (it’s a good thing this is simple, seeing as how drunk simians aren’t really known for their stellar-coordination). Furthermore — should it appear as if something bad is about to happen — tapping the screen a second time will cause the monkey to double-jump back towards the tree he just left (however, engaging in any triple-jumping is absolutely right out of the question). Finally, for those moments when Lynx Solutions’ boozehound-monkey manages grab a falling rocket-pack, the limited flight-time can be controlled by tilting your iDevice of choice.

Beyond simply staying alive, your primary goal during Drunky Monkey Jump is going to be amassing as much Blood Alcohol Content Funky-Juice as possible (because these are how additional locations are eventually unlocked). A single point will be earned for each tumbling alcoholic-beverage you manage to snag while leaping to and fro (although the game officially calls these “Funky-Juice”, it’s painfully obvious what they actually are). You may furthermore earn points by jumping onto those perennially pesky parrots — knocking them to their feathery doom in the process — but you should take care as you do this, for hitting a bird without leaping into them will instead halt your drunken-rampage.

screen568x568 (1)However — more so than the birds — your primary nemesis here will be the bombs raining down non-stop, deviously mixed-in alongside all that succulent Funky-Juice (although no one knows from where exactly these bombs hail from, it’s probably the monkey’s fault). Grabbing all that tasty-juice won’t be easy when you’ve constantly got birds and bombs on both sides to deal with, so thankfully there’s also occasionally shield power-ups falling down to temporarily protect you from any unfortunate drunken-collisions. Additional power-ups include: hearts (allow you to survive a single non-shielded collision), magnets (pulls the booze straight towards you), and poison (which makes the monkey begin tripping out, in at attempt to distract you from your Funky-Juice goals).

Now while I understand this is the app’s monetization-scheme, the biggest nuisance while playing Drunky Monkey Jump is generally getting to watch a new video-ad each and every time you fail (thankfully they’re usually skippable after the first few seconds). Other than that, this is a fairly decent time-waster in light of the fact it’s absolutely-free (you certainly could find far worse offerings on the app store, even after you’ve upgraded yourself to just the pay-upfront options). Drunky Monkey Jump may additionally have some serious longevity-issues, but — even with all that said — most should probably find some fun to be had in this monkey’s never-ending mission to get positively liquored-up.


Drunky Monkey Jump is an absolutely-free app in which you endlessly command a boozehound-simian to leap back and forth, all in the pursuit of remaining perpetually-smashed. The game is not — however — the world’s premier-leader in the field of freely-offered games about endless booze-collecting, a honor that would instead need to go the eternally-cultured Max Gentleman. Even so, despite the constant video-ads after each failure — and even the somewhat-limited game-play premise — Drunky Monkey Jump may well prove fun for anyone not seeking an ultra in-depth strategy-game of some sort.

Endless easily-controlled positively-free liquor-collecting monkey-jumping action!
Simplistic premise may cause limited-longevity
New video-ad plays after each fail
Very Good